“Basements to Bridges”

We’ve been providing elevator waterproofing and chemical protection for concrete structures since 1978.

We offer waterproofing and chemical protection service for residential, multi-residential, and industrial clients. Basements, elevator pit, digester tanks, vaults, cracks, and more.

We take a different approach. Using proprietary methods, we breakdown the location of water intrusion and combat each individually – allowing us to offer customized solutions for you.

By using these techniques, we are able to create a waterproof envelope for a structure. Combing methods developed over 35 years, we are the leading experts in below grade concrete structures such as elevator pit waterproofing.

Recently, we had an elevator pit project that was previously “repaired” using outdated methods such as “curtain grouting” with clay or other expansive materials. This pit was also located in a high water table which led to the washing out of the material pumped around the pit. After isolating the leaks and repairing them with (3) three different materials, we were able to treat all the surfaces of the pit. As the water pressure increased, so the did the depth of penetration of Xypex.

Now, the pit is bone dry and has exhibited no leakage. Because our elevator waterproofing is permanent, there is no worry about the material washing away or needing to be re-applied.

Before Photo


After Photo

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Customer Satisfaction since 1978!

In business for over 37 years, the team at RC Waterproofing knows elevator pit waterproofing like the back of their hand. We’ve been in business all these years because of satisfied customers and successful elevator waterproofing applications!

“The most honest and reasonable price of all I contacted! They were also here on time and finished work in accurate and timely manner. Highly recommend!”

Diane T.

The best technology for the problem.

Using Xypex Crystalline Technology, we make sure that your elevator pit is waterproofed with the best technology available.

Standard industry practice in elevator pit waterproofing involves applying several coats of reinforced epoxy sealant around the entire pit – and subsequently offering no warranty. In standard foundation waterproofing, the same epoxy is used for minor moisture and humidity control on walls that are sweating.

We take a different approach. Using six technologies, we breakdown the location of water intrusion and combat each individually – allowing us to offer a lifetime warranty on our work.

By using these techniques, and adhering to ASME regulations, we have gained recognition among leading elevator manufacturers and referrals of state inspectors for elevator pit water problems.

Recently one of our sales engineers was faced with the task of helping waterproof an elevator pit.
The basic construction of a pedestrian elevator includes a pit 10′-20′ below the last floor for counterweights, wiring and a giant hydraulic safety stand.

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Proper elevator pit waterproofing is a tough task. Leave it to the professionals at RC Waterproofing! Trust us – we’ve been doing this since 1978.

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